Add alarms to database when a query, stored procedure, SSIS package hangs

  • Hello SSC,

    I am a SQL Server developer that has some DBA skills. I need to add alarms to an instance or database when a query, stored procedure, or SSIS package hangs for longer than a few hours. I did not see anything in the security or maintenance drop down in SSMS.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I don't believe such an alert exists.  My recommendation would be to make an SQL Server Agent Job that checks for such things and schedule it to run on a regular basis.  I would also have it save the information for a bit of "proof" history.

    A good start would be to search for "WhoIsActive" by Adam Machanic and go from there.  Brent Ozar also has some similar code in his "Blitz" offerings.

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  • A few years ago I created a job that sent me an email if any job ran 'X' times longer than it's average run time. Maybe that would work ?

    I lost the code when I changed jobs, so can't post it.

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