A Overview of Amazon Redshift

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  • This is a beautifully written article and the order of revelation is spot on.  Of course, I cannot be sure but it looks like something that AI would write (and, since I've not worked with RedShift, I cannot confirm nor deny it's accuracy).  If that's true, then this shows that that author knew how to use the tool quite well.  If the author didn't use an AI assist, then he did one helluva nice job.

    I do understand that the article is an "overview" but it would be helpful if some supporting links were provided.  Even just a top level link to the AWS documentation would have sealed this article up.  Other than that, really nice job, Rahul.

    --Jeff Moden

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  • great article

  • Very nice summary - concise, relevant, informative. Perfect!

  • Very well structured and informative article

  • This is indeed an nice high level overview into Redshift. A couple of points I would like to make

    1. According to the Aws Redshift documentation, it is best to let the engine decide on the compression algorithm. Compression will be selected best according to a table's columns and their data types. I like to set Encode Auto.
    2. The Vacuum and Analyse , though fun to play with, need to be used with caution. Vacuum is an operation that happens in the background and if you explcitly call into into the foreground then it can be a while until your table is available again.



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