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  • I don't share your optimism nor point of view here, Steve.  We've seen MS remove functionality from SSMS with absolutely no warning.  We seen MS publish cumulative updates that that take servers down.  We continue to see MS publish new but totally incomplete functionality just so they can say they've supposedly made "cutting edge improvements" or that they supposedly "listen to the customer", which they do not.  We continue to see MS publish new functionality that is (for example) 44 times slower that existing functionality.  And, despite the MS claim of listing to the customer and how important that is, we continue to see MS ignore customers  especially on that damned Azure Feedback website, which is even more pitiful than the old CONNECT website.

    We see MS do totally ridiculous things like making submerged data centers and not only think that idiotic mistake is somehow cutting edge, but convince a raft of equally stupid investors and customers that it's somehow a good idea.

    People seem to lose site that, like any other corporation, MS has only 1 allegiance and that is to the dollar.  They don't actually give a rats pathootie about the customer or the community and anyone that thinks so needs to go back to school.

    Satya Nadella may have been brilliant at one time.  Now he's an MS "yes man".  It's not his fault... he's been sucked in.  If you don't think so, do a really good study of his presentations.  He looks and sounds like a puppet rather than an engineer.

    If you look at the very articles you've sited the urls for, you can see the corporate BS selling job.  If they really cared about customers, they would not continue to generate partial functionality.  Instead, they continue to put stuff out even if it's wrong, performance challenged, or lacking basic functionality.

    And then there's code that will break your back like online index rebuilds that will corrupt your CI's and CUs that will take out your SSIS servers and those are just 2 of the multitude of atrocities heaped up us while the claim to be "agile" and "effective" and a host of other buzzwords that stock holders and other idiots lap up.

    The really unfortunate part of it all is that their bold faced lies and piss poor products and innovations are being believed in by the general populous and MS gets richer while the products (not just SQL Server) gets poorer.


    --Jeff Moden

    RBAR is pronounced "ree-bar" and is a "Modenism" for Row-By-Agonizing-Row.
    First step towards the paradigm shift of writing Set Based code:
    ________Stop thinking about what you want to do to a ROW... think, instead, of what you want to do to a COLUMN.

    Change is inevitable... Change for the better is not.

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  • I surely like the trend of cross-platform, opensource course of MS. There is also some cool stuff showing dependencies in Azure with log analytics. Regarding VS2019 they've added some profiling. The rate they are adding new stuff to Azure is amazing. VS 2019 got 6 releases in october, sometimes QA is lagging (corrupted installs?), yet SSIS is still in preview

    Jeff Moden is also correct, some long existing features/wish items don't get the attention they deserve. In my case reporting services (datadriven subscriptions, basic reportbuilder, ,naming of attachments, removed multi-instance), integration services (broken in VS2019 but you can run it in Azure?). Positive: with 2016 sp1 some enterprise features became standard.

    About the not-there yet, but is surely would be awesome: powerbi is useful, but it is missing a corporate management component. String_spilt not showing the order of items..., MS Teams is not multi-tabbed (constantly switching back & forth)

  • Nadella is a big fan of relational databases.  As a business it can't be beat.  Who wants to swap it out for something else?  Lol (head explodes)



    Aus dem Paradies, das Cantor uns geschaffen, soll uns niemand vertreiben können

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