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  • The script was submited do SSC a few weeks before it was published.

    In the mean time I managed to implement it in a real world application and the results are good.

    Maintaining the tags and registers tables proved to be a challenge as well.

    The final version comes with options to

    server-side paging (essential for web applications),

    more filters, aggregations and order by options.

    Thanks for everyone giving it a good rating.

    And if you disagree or there any insights be welcome to post your feedback.

  • this script is full of errors... nothing works

  • I just realized I forgot to include my Split function.

    Its just a function to split a string, just like in javascript or another language.

    So I managed to put it to work in SQL Fiddle (without the performance test, for obvious reasons)


    Just a little rant:

    if you cannot put it to work, you re not even trying 😎

  • Thanks for the script.

  • If you can't upload a script that actually works as intended, maybe you shouldn't upload. Maybe test first, then upload. You even write what part of the script is missing and then you don't even share it. If your intention was to make it a homework assignment then well done, otherwise it's just poor work.

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