SP to import to a file

  • Script

Is a SP that imports a table to a file. You just put the table name, the path and the sa password and then you have it. It is important that it parse the table inserted (pubs.dbo.sales for example) and checks that the db, the table with the owner exists


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Encryption Example

  • Script

Here in this T-sql tip I'am trying to compare the word "Hijacker" with two cases(line 3 and 4). Now they are in same when you compare the case (letter to letter), now you change the case of word "Hijacker" in either of the lines and run this SQL statements it will return different results. This […]


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Granting Access Permissions...

  • Script

Usually when we recreate or rename a table we need to give the appropriate access permissions to the SQL users...this is very common in database under development environment where frequently table structure changes and we have to recreate it....we can accomplish this with Enterprise Manager but what will you do if Enterprise Manager fails to […]


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List all primary keys

  • Script

Thanks to Raul Sharma for his brilliant ideas. This is a modification of one of his scripts. The script takes only the user tables. Those tables which does not have PK are not listed!

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Pass an Array into a Stored Procedure

  • Script

Have you ever wished T-SQL allowed you to pass an array into a stored procedure? Well the spListToTable stored procedure listed below accepts a delimeted string and turns it into a table. Code your stored procedure to accept a varchar, create a temporary table, call spListToTable, and use the populated temporary table as if it […]

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HOWTO: Run Singleton SELECT Queries in a Visual Basic Client

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This article demonstrates how to retrieve a single record from SQL Server by using the IRow interface with a singleton SELECT. The main purpose for this technique is to avoid the overhead of creating a recordset when you are fetching a single record. Because no recordset is actually created, only one read-only ADODB.Record is returned. This is true even if the specified SELECT results in multiple records being returned if a normal ADODB.Recordset is used.


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Loop through records without using a cursor

  • Script

I sometimes have to loop through records in a database and perform a specific action on the value that is returned. For example, In the script below I loop through the user tables in sysobjects and simply print them out. This technique is useful when dropping all indices/triggers on a particular table, or adding WITH […]

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Update Foreign Key References

  • Script

This script updates all foreign key references for the specified table. Useful if you need to delete a row. The follow example would update all uses of TableA.IDENTITYCOL where the value is 1 to the value of 2. Example usage: EXEC usp_updateFK 'TableA', 1, 2


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