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RE: Pet Peeves

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OK, never mind. Found the book online (took a lot of searching, for some reason). It's called "Dangerous Visions" (1967) and I highly recommend it for SF and/or trip (ta) fans.


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RE: Dynamic Index Creation

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Hi Mark, The temp table should take care of the number of records. The incentives we're report against generally only run for a couple of months and the data is summarised by consultant anyway. I suspect the largest set would be maybe 300-400 rows. In addition, another parameter defines how many rows we return. Once […]


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RE: URGENT: Restore fails

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There is an option in Backup Exec (I've never used the option myself, so check out your documentation) to restore to a different location; it's similar to SQL Server's WITH MOVE. -SQLBill


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RE: something similar to forking a separate process

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A real low-tech way would be similar to the method mentioned by stax68. Create a stored procedure to do the work. Set it as a job to run every minute (or whatever frequency seems necessary). The arguments indicating that the process should be run would be entered into a table from your calling program. When […]



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