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Be the first to try Redgate SQL Compare 12

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Hot on the heels of the SQL Server 2016 general release, the team at Redgate have just released beta builds for both SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare. As well as support for SQL Server 2016, these releases introduce a brand new user interface, and squash a whole host of bugs. In this blog post, Carly Meichen takes a closer look at what's new, and explains how you can give the development team your feedback and requests.


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Redgate Instant Clone Beta

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Redgate is in an early research phase of a tool that helps provision production-like databases for dev and test in a way that saves both time and storage. The team involved are looking for volunteers to provide feedback on the product as it's developed. If you think you'd be interested in trying out the tool, sign up for the beta program now.

2016-02-29 (first published: )

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