PASS AppDev Presents: SQL Server Indexing

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While indexing traditionally has been the concern of the DBA, it's important for developers to understand both the usefulness and the impact of indexes in your relational database. With the right indexes your application will perform like a Formula One racer, without them performance will better resemble a Model T. This presentation will explain how indexes work, what options are available to you in SQL Server 2008, and how to tune your application and your database for the best performance.By Allen White, 2/9/2010, 1:00EST


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SQL Server Consolidation : how to decide on the right approach

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The PASS DBA VC hosts this session today that will focus on helping to choose between using a virtualization, instance, or database consolidation option. We will highlight a few of the key areas to consider as well as some of the important differentiators to keep in mind. We will provide a decision tree to help guide administrators through the process of selecting a consolidation option.

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What Do We Want from PASS?

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With the election of the Board of Directors complete for 2009, Steve Jones takes a step back to examine what we might want from a professional organization. If you care about having an organization for SQL Server professionals, read this and let us know if you agree or disagree.


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