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storing business objects as Blob in the DB

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We are currently debating how to store BO's within our SQL Server DB.We have a object to relational mapping layer that allows us to map BO's to DB tables. It has been suggested that we take the serialised BO graph and just place it in to a blob within the DB.I'm looking for any pro's and […]


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Help using TOP n

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I've been struggling with this one for a while.  Guess it's easy when you know how??I am running a query across two views.View A contains People recordsView B contains diary entries for those people records.There are multiple diary entries on View B for each of the View A RecordsI want to run a query giving […]


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RE: Hidden Dangers!

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I would like to understand how this is working in the first place. Does anyone have a minute to tell me more about how it works.Also I noticed that it will pick up any servers you have registered and will not pick up the 'local' server if it is noted possibly in the registry as such. 


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Trigger to list columns updated

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Below is a trigger that I'm TRYING to use (in SQL2000) to list which columns are updated. However, it never stops running and I can't determine why. Apparently the WHILE maybe generating an infinite loop. To test, just change the table name 'admin' in a few places. Any help would be appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------------------ CREATE Trigger tr_admin -- list all […]


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am getting the following when run report what can I do to fix this

This code works, but am requesting help with the code.

By Doug

Hello everyone.  I don't post here often even though I am constantly on the...

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