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How to Conduct Effective Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Software Evaluations

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Denise Rogers discusses the essential tasks in conducting effective software evaluations revolving around data warehousing and business intellegence. Each step has a dependency on the previous one, starting with establishing the framework of the evaluation and adding progressively elaborate data that facilitates a decision making process that is resolute.


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Data Warehousing 2.0 and SQL Server: Architecture and Vision

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Architecture and data warehousing are not static. From the first notion of a data warehouse to a full-blown analytical processing architecture that includes data marts, ETL, near line storage, exploration warehouses, and other constructs, data warehousing and its associated architecture continue to evolve. In 2008, the book on the latest evolution of data warehousing appeared – DW 2.0: The Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing (Morgan Kaufman). In that book the general architecture for data warehousing in its highest evolved form appeared.


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What a Data Warehouse is Not

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Recently, I was at a conference, and I heard the following discussion about what a data warehouse was. One person suggested that a data warehouse was really all the old legacy systems connected by software that could access the data. By calling such a contraption a data warehouse, the organization could avoid having to do the hard and complex work of integration. There are so many problems with this federated approach to a data warehouse that they are almost not worth repeating here. But (once again!) here goes.


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