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Voting for the PASS Board


Voting is open for the PASS Board, as of yesterday (Nov 6). The candidate page is up, and there are 6 amazing candidates for 3 slots. They are:

I’ve linked to their applications, so you can read what they’ve written about their candidacy. I know all of these individuals, and I think they would all do well. In other years, I’d likely have voted for all of them against others.

I can only choose 3, and it was a hard choice for me. This was really one of the best total groups of candidates I’ve seen.

I am endorsing, and I have voted for these candidates:

    • Hamish Watson
    • Johan

      Ludvig Brattås

    • Melody


You might notice a trend here in that I’ve picked all three non US candidates. This was a factor for me because I do think PASS has been too North American focused, with less appreciation and understanding of the rest of the world. I also think these are the individuals least influenced by the way the organization has been run in the past.

They talk about diversity and transparency and communication, which ultimately are very important to me. I don’t think that PASS has done well with any of these in the past, though certainly they have made strides at times.

I am hopeful these individuals can find ways to differently influence the board to be more open and transparent, to be more of a collaborative group with the community than bit aloof about ideas, directions, proposals, and disclosure.

This in no way implies Chris, Mindy, or William aren’t qualified or would not do a great job. I think they would, but I had to make choices, and those were mine.

Please read all the applications, think about what you would like from the organization, and then vote.


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