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VMUG Ireland – Belfast


The second VMUG Ireland event of the year is taking place on the 15th of June in Belfast!

When: Thursday 15th of June @ 2pm until 5pm

Where: Ormeau Baths at 18 Ormeau Ave, Belfast BT2 8HS

Tickets are 100% free and are available here: –

We will be starting at 2pm with VMWare speaker Niels Hagoort with his session: –

What do migrations to VMware Cloud look like in real life?

Join Niels in this largely demo-led session! We’ll have a closer look into architecting for cloud migration. How do you plan and design for workload migrations into VMware Cloud on AWS? What are the considerations to take into account? This talk helps to execute successful workload migrations, showing multiple options to assist with migrating from an on-prem vSphere environment into VMware Cloud on AWS!

Then we have a session from community expert Johan van Amersfoort: –

What if Jurassic Park had a Modern Workspace?

Ever wondered how a company in the mid 90s would have operated, if they had the tech from today? You will get the answer in this session. Johan will focus on what’s possible when using the VMware Anywhere Workspace to improve employee experience across the entire workspace landscape. Be prepared for a session where you will get answers to the following questions: What should a secure digital workspace look like? How can we reduce the attack service without impacting IT too much and still create a great UX? How can we make the digital workspace fully future proof?

We’ll also have more two sessions that will be announced in the coming days!

Hope to see you there!

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