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Using ThinOptics to Read Data


As I’ve aged, I find myself struggling to read many things in my life. It started with difficulties seeing menus, but moved on to other areas. During the pandemic, I was coaching kids and taking stats. I realized at one point I couldn’t tell if I’d made 3 or 4 marks on the page to represent some action.

Soon after, I got some reading glasses and started wearing them to do certain things. Over time, I’ve found that I needed these more and more for all sorts of computer work.

I’ve actually ended up purchasing a few pairs and stashing them in various coats, bags, and cars. I’ve liked these slim ones with a hard case the best, but I still sometimes forget them, especially in the summer when I don’t wear a coat.

Recently, I realized that I am struggling to read the labels in grocery stores, where I often run inside and forget my readers in the car. After we had a good laugh, my wife realized that I am a bit frustrated with my eyes and the inability to consume data in my daily life.


My wife has taken pity on me, and decided to help me. She got me a pair of ThinOptics, which are in a case that sticks to my phone. You can see what I got in the mail below:

These are flexible bodies that slip into a case that is always on my phone. I wasn’t sure this would work well, but I find I can still charge my phone wirelessly as well as pay with NFC despite the case being attached to the back of my phone.

What’s more, they are always with me.

I still prefer the slim REAVEE readers, and carry those in my bag, but I find the ThinOptics are very convenient. They do grab my nose a bit and feel like they are scratchy at times, but it’s not too bad.

If you are struggling to read as you get older, you might check them out and see if they help you as much as they’ve helped me.

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