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The AI T-SQL Tuesday–#160


tsqltuesdayIt’s time for T-SQL Tuesday again, and this time there is an interesting invitation. Damien Jones reached out and wanted to host, so he gets to pick the topic this month. His invite is on the Microsoft OpenAI partnership.

T-SQL Tuesday is a great way to keep the community engaged with a monthly topic hosted by someone new each month. I manage the party, and if you want to host, let me know. If you want to find a new topic for your blog, write each month and link to the invite.


If you read the invite, OpenAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research company. They’re behind the and DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT services. I’ve only lightly used these, but they have been in the news quite a bit in the last year.

Microsoft supports the company with investment and provides the cloud services they use. The invite this month is asking what we’d like to see from this partnership. What AI things should Microsoft try to integrate in Azure, O365, SQL Server, etc.

My Wish List

What I would love to see from this sort of partnership is more of a personal assistant AI that helps me with typing/coding/work on my laptop/desktop. I’ve seen great strides in autocorrect on my phone, and Google has some nice autocomplete stuff in Gmail and other apps. I see some of this from the laptop, but what I really would like is a better assistant that does stuff for me.

I’m thinking of these types of things:

  • autocomplete, which I see is VS and Copilot, but more, smarter complete for the code I write. Recognize the types of mistakes I make.
  • In the Command Prompt, when I type “get status”, recognize I’ve erased and corrected this to “git status”.
  • Lately in every place I’ve needed it, I type “Floriday” for some reason. Please just fix this.
  • Help SQL Prompt be smarter, and auto complete the similar types of queries I run.
  • Recognize that I often write certain things over and over, bring up a template of sort, or remind me that it’s time to handle this task.
  • Recognize repeating actions and offer to write some code. I have a few import tasks where I have to download a file, run code to import it, and then run a SQL script. Offer to do that for me. That’s where another human would recognize a repeating task and handle it. In this case, it’s not easy to log in and download a file from a script, but an AI assistant could integrate some semi-manual tasks like that.
  • Handle some recurring search/replace stuff for me, maybe with a quick popup. In Evernote, there is some HTML added to notes that I need to remove constantly. Look for repetitive actions in an app and offer to handle them. It’s not a lot of keystrokes, but it’s also something hard for me to automate, but perhaps easy for an AI.

These are selfish, quick things I’m thinking of, but beyond what a basic voice assistant can do today. ChatGPT seems to be moving in the direction where it might actually be able to be a better assistant, if integrated into the OS and also customized and adapting to each user.

I’m sure we all repeat lots of actions, perhaps an AI might help us better handle these things. With notifications, reports of actions, and auditing, it might be something I’d trust.

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