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T-SQL Tuesday #155 –The Dynamic Code Invitation


tsqltuesdayApologies for the late invitation. A minor snafu has me hosting again.

This is the monthly blog party where someone hosts and you all write a response. I’d like to think this is one where lots of you have a story or a situation that worked out. Write a post on 11 Oct and post a comment here.

The Invitation

I saw a post recently where someone noted they used Excel to help build dynamic SQL for their job. I thought that was a) creative, and b) similar to something I’ve done. In fact, that will be my post for this month.

However, while many of the experts decry dynamic SQL as a poor way of solving problems, it is not going away. In fact, it works really well for many situations and problems, albeit not necessarily a high volumes of data. There also are security concerns.

My invitation this month is to write about producing SQL dynamically in some way. Let us know about any of these things:

  • a problem you solved
  • a creative use of technology to build SQL
  • security concerns
  • a place where dynamic SQL failed you
  • a way to convert dynamic SQL to something cleaner
  • anything else that relates to code producing code

The Rules

Only a few rules.

  • publish on 11 Oct 2022 sometime.
  • use the logo above and link back to this post
  • leave a comment or trackback/pingback here
  • Use the #tsql2sday hashtag to tag your post on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Encourage others to blog

That’s it. Have fun and I look forward to reading your responses.

If you want to host, ping me on twitter (@way0utwest) or LinkedIn or email or anything really.

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