SSIS Precedence Constraint Tutorial

, 2012-12-26 (first published: )

Recently we decided to create a series of videos for our SSIS Precedence Constraint Tutorial which is part of our SSIS Tutorial.

In this article I will share our work and provide easy access to view them.

NOTE: The videos have been created using SSIS 2012 but should work with SSIS 2005 and 2008.

What is Precedence Constraint?

Precedence Constraint allows us to "control the flow" by executing tasks that meet certain condition.

Video 1: Success, Failure, Completion

In this first video I discuss the basics and cover the most frequent use of Precedence Constraint which is "constraint" with three values: Success, Completion and Failure

Video 2: Expressions

The second video shows how we can use expressions and SSIS variables to control which tasks should be executed. I also cover the basic operators used with expressions like equal, not equal, AND, OR.

Video 3: Expression AndOr Constraint

SSIS allows us to use more complex option that combines both constraint and expression in two different ways using AND or OR.

Video 4: Multiple Constraints

Occasionally we will have tasks that receive information from multiple tasks so we have to decide if that task should be executed when all conditions are true OR if at least one of them is true and this is what I discuss in this video.

Video 5: Show Annotation

With more complex packages it is important to ensure it is easy to read the logic and this is where Precedence Constraint "Show Annotation" property can help us.

Video 6: Containers

The final video show examples how containers can be used to either make the package more readable or handle logic that would not be that easy to achieve without containers.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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