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SQL Server – Maintaining different environments


A busy Database Server  and application development environment  can have – Sandbox, Dev, Test, QA, Staging, Production .

Maintaining multiple environments requires consideration of  various factors.

Reasons for maintaining different environments

Part of well audited database server system includes Segregation of Duty. Part of Segregation of duty is to define different roles for different functions. Such as code deployment.

A solid testing environment – where security is replicated onto a QA , supports troubleshooting before code is deployed.

Performance testing outside of the Production system.

Test new technologies


Increased Disk Requirement

Increased Backup and Restore requirements

General maintenance

DBA support (troubleshooting , moving data sets , provisioning new Instances)

Administrator support (build new VMs, disk allocation)

Licensing costs

Increased IO on subsystem

Managing different environments

Vertical Partitioning

Horizontal Partitioning

RAID level policy , different RAID levels for different environments

Multiple tier disk access – e.g SATA versus Fibre Channel

Different levels of monitoring per database server environment

Different backup schedules per environment

Different versions of SQL Server

VM – Guest to host Ratio

VLAN management


Scripting Library

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