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SQL Prompt Quick Access to Helper Code


We’ve been doing some events as part of the Redgate Roadshow, and at one of the events, we had a customer ask about something that we demo’d. This post looks at quick access to snippets.

This is part of a series on SQL Prompt that I’ve written. If you’ve never tried SQL Prompt, it’s amazing. Download an eval today.

The Command Palette from the Query Editor

When typing a query in SSMS, I can hit the CTRL button and get the palette on the side. Here’s a basic query:

2023-09-04 04_39_35-SQLQuery3.sql - ..dlm_1_dev (WAY0UTWESTHP_way0u (89))_ - Microsoft SQL Server Ma_thumb[1]

I might want to add the begin and end around my code in the proc. If I highlight some code and hit CTLR, I see this:

2023-09-04 04_40_25-SQLQuery3.sql - ..dlm_1_dev (WAY0UTWESTHP_way0u (89))_ - Microsoft SQL Server Ma_thumb[1]

On the left, I have opened the palette where I can down arrow to pick something relevant or search for a command that helps me. As you can see, the first one is the very common “add begin end” to the code. If I pick this, it will surround my code with begin end, as seen here:

2023-09-04 04_43_07-SQLQuery3.sql - ..dlm_1_dev (WAY0UTWESTHP_way0u (89))_ - Microsoft SQL Server Ma_thumb[1]

I can also get other helper code, like the CTE outline, as you can see below:

2023-09-25 15_16_58-SQLQuery14.sql - ARISTOTLE.sandbox (ARISTOTLE_Steve (75))_ - Microsoft SQL Serve

SQL Prompt is amazing, as this video shows. Download an eval today.

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