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SQL Server HADR overview

My Pluralsight course for new SQL Server DBAs Image credit to Jeff (t) Back in June of 2019, I published this YouTube video covering the highlights of the various...


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SQL Server Identity Skipping

My Pluralsight course for new SQL Server DBAs SQL Server may skip 1000 numbers on an Identity column if the server crashes. Here’s why: Too long, didn’t watch version:...


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Derby City Data Days


It was awesome to see the Kentucky data community come out for the first...

Tomorrow: Webcast on SQL Server security


Tomorrow, April 16, 2024, I will be giving another webcast; this one will be...

A New Word: the Wends


the wends– n. the frustration that you’re not enjoying an experience as much as...

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Should I create tables with dynamic SQL?

By mjdemaris

Hello all, I am thinking of creating a "shopping cart" in our application.  My...

Expression Error ( property 'Error' cannot be selected )

By rjdineen

Hello there. I have the following Pipeline I want to get the property error...

create cluster fails Win2016.

By snomadj

I'm installing a cluster prior to my 2019 SQL build.   Failover Cluster tools...

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Express In-Memory OLTP

Can I create In-Memory OLTP tables in SQL Server Express?

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