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Data BIts – Episode 3 – Ginger Grant

Trainer and Consultant extraordinaire Ginger Grant stops by to talk Machine Learning, Data Bricks, Certifications, Norwegian pastries and proper chocolate frosting Find Ginger at Desert Isle SQL or on Twitter
The post Data BIts...

2020-04-01 (first published: )

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SQL Server HADR overview

My Pluralsight course for new SQL Server DBAs Image credit to Jeff (t) Back in June of 2019, I published this YouTube video covering the highlights of the various...


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SQL Server Identity Skipping

My Pluralsight course for new SQL Server DBAs SQL Server may skip 1000 numbers on an Identity column if the server crashes. Here’s why: Too long, didn’t watch version:...



Covid Thoughts, So Far


I’ve gathered a bunch of notes from conversations and time reflecting, thought I’d write...

How to Think Like a Certification Exam at the PASS Professional Development Virtual Group


Thanks for the 90+ who joined today's PASS Professional Development Virtual Group webinar on...

Deploy BACPAC to Azure Managed Instance failing from SSMS?


Recently I ran into an error when trying to copy a small database bacpac...

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Why would I want to use Compress and Decompress functions?

By VoldemarG

in what live operational or development situation /requirement would I want to use the...

Updating data with recording old values - thought process

By ucltech

Client has a projections table that sales reps can update on their own.  They...

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