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Running a Command Line SQL Compare Comparison


Recently a customer was looking to automate some of their SQL Compare checks, but they wanted to do this in a dynamic way, since they needed to do this at scale. Their idea was to not have a SQL Compare project, but build a mapping at the command line.

This post addresses a part of their issue. This will look at how to set up a basic SQL Compare command line.

This is a part of a series of posts on SQL Compare on my blog. You can read other posts I’ve written by clicking the link.

Adding Parameters to SQL Compare.

To build up a comparison from the CLI, let’s start with adding parameters slowly. First, let’s just connect. To do that, I’ll run SQLCompare.exe with a couple parameters. We need server and database parameters.

The command line I’ll use will connect to my local machine (Aristotle) and then two databases: dlm_1_dev and dlm_2_integration. The code I’ll run is:

sqlcompare /Server1:"Aristotle" /db1:dlm_1_dev /Server2:"Aristotle" /db2:dlm_2_integration

This uses the /Server1 and /Server2 parameters, which can be shortcutted to s1 and s2. The structure is a colon and the value. For the database, we can use database1 or db1, and database2 or db2. I’ve shown both the long and short items above.

When I run this, I see results, which scroll off the screen for these two items:

2023-10-19 13_39_43-cmd

If I look at a couple named instances, then I need to add in the instance name inside the quotes with a that will designate the appropriate instance. This is my command for named instances:

sqlcompare /Server1:"AristotleSQL2022" /db1:compare1 /Server2:"AristotleSQL2017" /db2:compare2

As you can see below, this gives me a few differences, with the indicators on the right about in which databases the changes are located.

2023-10-19 14_23_15-cmd

This post shows the basics of working with the command line. I’ll look at more advanced options in future posts.

SQL Compare is a fantastic product for simplifying work and it does so much more than this. Give it a try if you own it or download an evaluation today.

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