RIP Gareth Swanepoel and GoFundMe


Last week we lost another SQLFamily member. Gareth Swanepoel passed away on 8 Jan 2021. He was a fellow speaker, jolly fellow, and Microsoft PM. Across many years of seeing Gareth at events and chatting with him, he was one of the happiest people I had the chance to. He always had a smile, a joke, and something pleasant to say.

He is yet another sad casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’d like to donate to help his family (kids and spouse), there is a GoFundMe for the Gareth Swanepoel Memorial Fund out there raising money. Please feel free to.

Todd Kleinhans maintains a SQL Memorial, to which he has added Gareth and others we have lost in recent years.

Some Memories

One of my memories, just one of many. I was lucky enough to run into Gareth at numerous events over the years:


I saw his tattoo, which made me smile:

This is a great photo from Monica Rahbun:

This might sum things up well. A happy guy, always looking to have fun:

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