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Registered for the Data Community Summit


I was reminded this week that I needed to get registered for the Data Community Summit 2022 since I’m speaking. I also needed a hotel, so I took some time this week and got my flights, hotel, and conference booked.

Register for the Data Community Summit today and come join the largest data platform conference in the world. Use the discount code “SJSUMMIT93” for $200 off the 3 day conference in person. Or use “SJONLINE93” for 50% off the virtual conference.

This is a great chance to meet with other professionals, network, hear about their innovative and inspiring solutions, and get excited about your career. I’ve been lucky enough to attend many Summits in the past and I’m looking forward to this one.

I’ve got a discount code for the online

I’m a part of the Cloud learning pathway and have a few other sessions as well. I also have a Tuesday pre-con focused on Redgate technology, so if you’re a customer (or want to be), come to the pre-con and learn how to implement database DevOps.

A few other sessions I hope I can get into my schedule:

There are many more in the schedule, and I know there will be hard choices to make. There always are, though you can get recordings and access later to recordings.

I hope to see some of you there. Please feel free to stop me if you come and shake my hand, say hi, and chat for a moment.

Register today and use these codes for discounts:

  • SJONLINE93 – 50% off the virtual conference
  • SJSUMMIT93 – $200 off the in-person event in Seattle.

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