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Redgate SQL Test utility isn’t showing up in SSMS


I had recently installed the SQL Toolbelt from Redgate at a client site on a laptop they’d supplied me.

(Fantastic product that SQL Toolbelt BTW.)

Things were going swimmingly – in fact thanks to SQL Compare, SQL Source Control and Team Foundation Server I had implemented an automated Continuous Delivery pipeline for the clients databases and applications.

The next thing I wanted to do was start implementing unit testing for both the applications and database. DEV were going to do the application side (this client is a start-up so it made sense that they had little to no unit tests) and I’d do the database side.

Except in SSMS I couldn’t find SQL Test…??

I knew to click on the icons to bring down other utilities but it wasn’t here either:

Redgate SSMS Where is SQL TEST
Not here either…. what have I done wrong??

So as a windows user I naturally looked in the Windows Apps:

Redgate No SQLTEST in apps
Hmmm…. nothing here either

At this point I decided it had to be my machine as I did a google and looked on forums and no one seemed to have experienced this.

So I uninstalled everything – SSMS and the Toolbelt.

Reinstalled everything.

And got this:

It was while clicking around like a madman I found this:


And of course now I can do this:

Redgate Now in my happy place
Let’s start unit testing!!


So if you have recently installed Redgate SQL Toolbelt and can’t find SQL Test – hopefully this blog post will help you.

By the way I do think there was something wrong with the laptop the client gave me as now when I right click I get the ability to run tests:

Redgate SQL Test context menu
This was definitely not there before the uninstall/reinstall fiasco

So now I can start my unit tests – the good news the DEV team have started theirs and are really getting behind it. I think they’ve got on with it to stop me talking about unit tests…!!

We now have 4 minutes of unit tests per checked in build but that is definitely something I’ll respond to with:



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