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Red Gate’s SQL Source Control and better SQL objects organization


Red Gate’s SQL Source Control (RGSSC) is very decent solution source control solution for database development. I am personally using it and despite it is still young product it is very helpful for me and rest of team members. I am not going to review this tool but I am going to look closer how you can improve your experience with it using SQL Treeo SSMS Add-In.

RGSSC is Management Studio Add-In which enables developer to track changes over SQL database and commit/update changes to source control repository (TFS, SVN and others) directly from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). For me, using SSMS for database development is still better way comparing to Visual Studio 2010 Database Projects (VS.NET) because I simply not got used to many drawbacks which VS.NET provides from database development point of view. But I will return back to this later.

RGSSC was quite life saver for me because you have quite few options of source control if you’re developing over dedicated local database. To make my life more comfortable I’ve developed SQL Treeo Add-In which allows me to create complex hierarchy of folders directly under my database bound to SVN. This folder (or groups) hierarchy is shared across all team members because this database is under source control. You can see short sample video here.

So all team members see the same picture of logical modules directly under our development database (green folders are created using SQL Treeo  Add-In):

Red Gate Source Control with custom folders using SQL Treeo Add-In

Logical groups for objects within SSMS standard nodes can be created for all basic SQL objects – tables, views, stored procedures, functions and even for databases.

Jakub Dvorak