Powerhell Notebooks in ADS–A Minor Issue


I heard about the addition of PoSh as a kernel for notebooks in Azure Data Studio. This is in the November 2019 release, and you can download/upgrade today to get the feature. I started ADS, let it download the update, and then ran the install.

As soon as ADS installed, I created a new notebook, and added a code cell. I saw Powershell in the kernel dropdown. Sweet!

2019-11-05 15_32_11-? PoShNotebookTest.ipynb - Azure Data Studio

I selected this dropdown and saw this:

2019-11-05 15_05_22-? Notebook-0 - Azure Data Studio

Hmmm, maybe I picked the wrong one. I tried this again and got the same result. I checked, and I have Python installed, but apparently not a version compatible with ADS.

2019-11-05 15_33_37-cmd

I restarted ADS. Same thing.

I restarted my computer; same thing. I saved the notebook, added other cells, did a few things and got the same result.

At this point, I suspected that the developers of ADS had all installed Python as part of their core image for ADS. So I clicked “install Python”. Once this completed, which took awhile. Once this was complete, and the kernels reloaded, PowerShell notebooks work.

2019-11-05 15_36_15-? PoShNotebookTest.ipynb - Azure Data Studio

Aaron Nelson published a post about this, with more details on how to get the kernel working. To me, this is a bug, as the message should tell me Python is needed for the PoSh kernel.

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