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New Pluralsight Course – Kubernetes Package Administration with Helm


My first course Kubernetes Package Administration with Helm has been published on Pluralsight and is now available!

Check out the course overview here

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to get into working with Helm to deploy and manage applications running on Kubernetes.

It’s divided into three modules covering: –

Helm Overview

  • A guide to what Helm is and its history
  • Setting up your local environment to work with Helm
  • Installing Helm and adding the Stable Helm repository

Exploring Helm Releases

  • Deploying a Helm Chart to Kubernetes
  • Retrieving information about a Helm Release
  • Upgrading a Helm Release
  • Rolling back a Helm Release
  • Downloading and exploring a Helm Chart

Configuring Helm Repositories

  • How to create and package a Helm Chart
  • Pushing a Chart to a local/remote Helm repository

All modules are accompanied with demos to take you through each topic discussed. The code for the demos is available on Github here

By the end of the course you’ll have the skills to confidently work with applications deployed to Kubernetes with Helm.

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