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Last Weeks Top “Reading” Links #63


2012-01-013It’s Thursday and about time for this week’s weekly link round-up.  Since it’s the holidays, I didn’t feel like putting this together earlier this week, but figured I shouldn’t skip it so here we go.  Also, if you follow me on twitter (@StrateSQL), you’ll know that throughout most days I tweet out links of things I find interesting.  While these links aren’t the answer to life, the universe, and everything, they often share a few things about SQL Server and related technology topics that others may find useful.

The links included in this summary are those prefixed with ”Reading” and are items I’ve read over the past few days, usually after hours when sharing would be less than useful, and spaced out to avoid spamming.  The content of the links usually pertain to SQL Server, technology, and career topics; which I think others would find useful.

Most Popular Link

The most popular link that I shared last week is an epic response from a scientist to someone that posted an anti-vaccine image.  He basically goes off on the uninformed and lays out some science.  It is pure awesome.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

Last week’s top 20 “Reading” Links

Along with the top link, here are the top twenty items relating to SQL Server, technology and careers that were sent out last week.  If you missed them throughout the week, here’s the opportunity to get caught up on some items that other’s read after I linked them out.

  1. Recognizing Community Leaders – Tribal Awards Finalists [33 clicks]
  2. Benchmark SQL Server Wait Statistics [33 clicks]
  3. SQL Server Disaster Recovery [24 clicks]
  4. Sean Hull’s 20 Biggest Bottlenecks that Reduce and Slow Down Scalability [21 clicks]
  5. 3 Things You Need to Start Doing to Your Database Server [17 clicks]
  6. A couple of quick things on PASS feedback [15 clicks]
  7. How Simple Parameterization works [15 clicks]
  8. Provisioning a New SQL Server Instance – Part Two [15 clicks]
  9. GUIs Aren’t Just for Newbies [14 clicks]
  10. Slides from Karen’s #EDW13 Get Started Blogging Session [13 clicks]
  11. What To Do If Your Database Catches Fire [13 clicks]
  12. 24 Hours of PASS Q & A: Why are Bit’s Flipped? [12 clicks]
  13. Evolving your SQL Server Data Warehouse to the Next Generation, High Performance Solution, the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) [11 clicks]
  14. The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Passion [10 clicks]
  15. Tracking page splits using the transaction log [10 clicks]
  16. SQL Server Services fail to start – FAIL_PAGE_ALLOCATION [9 clicks]
  17. Determining Permission Issues for a SQL Server Object [9 clicks]
  18. Introducing our latest SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master – Mark Broadbent [9 clicks]
  19. How Does SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) Deliver the Performance that it Does? [8 clicks]
  20. Getting Started with SQL Server Sample Databases [8 clicks]

Other Stuff Shared

Of course, no week would be complete without a few off-topic links.  These have nothing to do with technology or your career, but they are interesting and worth a second look.

  1. Angry scientist finds an uneducated internet comment and delivers an epic response… [138 clicks]
  2. 17 Most Offensive Adverts That Would Be Banned Today [56 clicks] - NSFW
  3. Dupree Johnson Charged With 142 Felony Counts After Cop Sees His Instagram Page [42 clicks]
  4. 40 inappropriate actions to take against an unlocked PC [34 clicks]
  5. Take notes kids: this is how you sell a crappy car [32 clicks]
  6. The Absurd Amazon Boycott In Britain [18 clicks]
  7. 5 Ways to Pack Your Suitcase Way More Efficiently [15 clicks]
  8. Man attempts world record for breaking through glass [14 clicks]
  9. Two Reasons Why Copying Successful People Won’t Make You Successful [13 clicks]
  10. How deep is this water? [13 clicks]
  11. Read a Flowchart Analysis of Those Who ‘Forgot About Dre’ [12 clicks] - NSFW
  12. IF ONLY FOR A SECOND // Mimi Foundation // EN [7 clicks]
  13. Star Wars Christmas Special… That Everyone Really Wanted [6 clicks]
  14. TSA agent confiscates sock monkey’s pistol [5 clicks]
  15. Bacon, Yankee Candle, & Culture [4 clicks]

Got something you think I should read and share, leave a comment below.  Also, if you want to see all of the links that were tweeted out last week?  Then follow the links on my tumblr blog or subscribe to it’s RSS feed.


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