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Know How to Restore SQL Database Without Backup Easily


 Restore SQL Database Without Backup -Step By Step Guide

Microsoft SQL server is one of the best and the widely used relational database management system. The primary function of this application is storing and retrieving the data requested by other applications. But sometimes the users have to face the problem when they accidentally dropped the database and they do not have the backup of the data. So this problem tackling blog will discuss the step by step procedure to restore SQL database without backup.
Backup of the data plays an extremely important role when it comes to a data loss situation. One of the major problem faced by the user is SQL server database corruption. The data stored in the tables and other components of the database will become inaccessible. In that case, if the user has a recent backup then the user can easily restore it.


“Please Help! I accidentally deleted the SQL tables in the database. Also, I do not have the recent backup available. Is there have any solution to restore SQL database without backup. Thanks!”
There are manual workarounds are there to restore SQL database without backup. But using the automated solution by using SQL Database Recovery Software is the best solution to resolve this issue. Before Proceeding to the solution part let us first discuss the Let us discuss the Question asked by the users.
“I do not have the backup, is it possible to restore the SQL server database”?
“I accidentally deleted the tables in the database, how can I get back that data.”
“My backup file is corrupted, how to get back SQL database easily”.

Note: In case the if backup file is corrupted then the user can also use SQL backup recovery software to resolve this issue.

Know How to Restore SQL Database Without Backup With An Efficient Solution

To restore the SQL database and in case if you do not have the backup file then the user can take the help of SQL recovery application. By using this software the user can easily restore the SQL server database files. This software has the capability to recover database objects such as tables, functions, triggers, stored procedure, indexes, etc. Also, the SQL database recovery ensures quick results without any data loss situation.


Follow the Steps to Restore SQL database Without Backup

  1. Download and Install the SQL database recovery on your Machine.
  2. From the software, menu clicks on Open and browse the MDF file from its location.
  3. Then Select the Scan option from Quick Scan and Advanced Scan.
  4. Now select the SQL server version and click on OK.
  5. Preview the MDF file database.
  6. Now choose the option Export to SQL server database.
  7. Select the Server Name and the destination database.
  8. Choose the option with only schema and schema and data.
  9. Finally, click on the Export button.

Final Words

As an SQL Administrator your should always have the plan backing up the SQL database. But in case if the user doesn't have the backup file then the user doesn't need to worry about. In this article, we have discussed the method to restore SQL database without backup file. For this, the user can take the help of  SQL recovery tool to resolve this issue. The user can easily recover the data by using this software. Also, it is capable to recover the deleted records easily.

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