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Installed SQL SERVER 2012? maybe you’d like to re-set your shortcuts!



Just a quick post on a seemingly trivial matter that others may find useful.

The post was prompted by the Simple-Talk article on SQL SERVER 2012 keyboard shortcuts

Anyway, I installed SQL SERVER 2012  sometime ago on my laptop and ever since the CTRL-R keyboard shortcut key has not functioned for that version of SSMS.

So, I eventually decided to find out why this was and fix it! A bit of googling told me that others have had this problem also and the best way to fix it is to reset the keyboard short cuts!

so here’s how to reset the shortcuts in SQL SERVER 2012 (and most other SSMS versions too…)

  1. Open the Tools menu select Options
  2. Under Environment (left hand pane of dialog) click on the Keyboard node
  3. Click the Reset button (right hand pane)
  4. Click Yes on the dialog that pops up


and now this should be fixed.

I’m not sure why this happens but I’m guessing it had something to do with side by side installs on my laptop – which is the sum total of my root-cause analysis for this one folks.

Have a nice day.




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