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I’ve joined the SQL SERVER MVP community – Thank you!



Today I awoke to find an email from Microsoft informing me that I’d been awarded an MVP. Wow.

I had to re-read the email several times over the course of the next hour to ensure it was true. Also checking the date – to make sure it was not April 1st – and the attached URL’s, to ensure it was genuine.

Several, hours later, I have the great pleasure in confirming that I have joined the ranks of SQL SERVER MVP’s.

Obviously, there’s a fair few in the US, UK and other Northern Hemisphere countries, however I believe there are maybe four where I live in New Zealand, with a few more in Australia. I’m thrilled to be joining their ranks.

I’ve been involved with my local user group in Christchurch, New Zealand for about 8 years now, firstly as a member, then as part of the leadership group and since late 2012 as the group leader.

We re-launched the group in early 2013 as it had suffered a massive drop off in membership due to the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. There are many people who have helped with this initiative since and I think the MVP award – although granted to me – is as much of a reflection on everybody involved as it is for me personally.

Anyway, I’ll blog more about how the group has grown and the strategies we’ve used to do this at some point but right now I’d like to thank the MVP’s and MCM’s in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide as well as the entire leadership team of the Christchurch SQL SEVER User Group, the members of the group and the whole international SQL community for the parts they have played in bring our community efforts here in Christchurch, New Zealand to the attention of Microsoft.

And finally, congratulations to the other first time MVP’s who received the same email that I did this morning as well as existing MVP’s that were renewed.

Have a great day.




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