Getting a List of Tags from the Microsoft Container Registry–#SQLNewBlogger


Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers.

I needed to write this post because I keep forgetting this. I’m hoping this will help me remember.

I easily remember that the container registry is at This isn’t helpful. On Firefox, I get a redirect.

2020-07-07 15_22_22-Azure Container Registry _ Microsoft Azure

In Chrome, I get less help

2020-07-07 15_22_05-Window

I know that the image path is under /mssql/server, but again, on Firefox, I get to to product home page. On Chrome, I get the same thing.

2020-07-07 15_24_32-Window

On StackOverflow, someone suggested a /v2 in front of the image path, and adding a /tags/list to the end. I did that and got redirected to this long URL:

2020-07-07 15_29_26-Mozilla Firefox

That works since it apparently gets me the Docker API with the v2.

The main problem for me was that I wanted to get the latest 2019 image, without using latest. I tried this:

docker pull

However, that doesn’t work. Apparently, since there are now two versions for Ubuntu, I need to add a – with that. Either a 16.04 or an 18.04.

Maybe I’ll remember that.


Containers are going to be important at some point and knowing how to work with them will be a desired skill. As I try different things, taking 10 minutes to document some knowledge is good. In this case, I give an interviewer a good reason to ask me if I actually remember this.

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