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Friday Flyway Tips: Searching Migrations


When a Flyway Desktop (FWD) project (or Flyway project) has been around for a long time, there can be a lot of migration scripts. That can be a pain for users, but there is a way to find your changes or limit what you see. This post looks at how to do this starting with Flyway Desktop 6.5.4.

I’ve been working with Flyway Desktop for work more and more as we transition from older SSMS plugins to the standalone tool. This series looks at some tips I’ve gotten along the way.

A Busy Screen

I’ve got a lot of migrations in this project. You can see below in the image, noting the scroll bar goes up and down here.

2023-08-10 12_30_54-Flyway Desktop

Many customers have many more migrations, which could run into the 100s. I’ve worked with large Oracle migrations in the past where there were 100s for an upgrade from v4 to v5. The project would have been 1000s in its lifetime.

Use Search

At the top of the Migrations tab, there is a new search box. This was added somewhere in Flyway Desktop 6, and I just noticed it. However, it’s very, very handy. If I start typing in there, like “New Table”, then I see just those migrations.

2023-08-10 12_33_47-Flyway Desktop

I can even search versions, like the specific migrations in the 3.8 release that I am wondering about.

2023-08-10 12_35_55-Flyway Desktop

This works by checking the version and description fields. The rest aren’t as useful, but it does mean if you come up with some standards for the description in your team, you can easily use this to find changes in your project.

Try it today. If you haven’t worked with Flyway Desktop, download it today. There is a free version that organizes migrations and paid versions with many more features.

Video Walkthrough

I made a quick video showing this as well. You can watch it below, or check out all the Flyway videos I’ve added:

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