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Friday Flyway Tips–Navigating in Flyway Desktop


Flyway Desktop changed the navigation and a few people were surprised. I was as well, so I decided to do a short tip on the changes.

This is part of a series of posts on Flyway.

The Old Flyway Desktop

If you’ve been following these tips, or worked with the Flyway Enterprise system, you’ve encountered Flyway Desktop, and you might have seen something that looked like this, with the navigation across the top of the screen. We see four “tabs”, called Schema model,
Generate Migrations, Migrations, and Version Control:

2023-12-05 15_07_27-Flyway Desktop

As part of a design refresh, we moved the version control tab to the right side as a bar, which shrinks it, but also gives information while a developer is working. I covered this in a previous tip. You can see that design below.

2024-01-05 16_41_53-Flyway Desktop

We weren’t done and I was surprised how quickly we made another change.

Flyway Desktop v7

This was actually in v7.0.5, which released Jan 11. We moved all the tabs to the side, though this time the first three moved to the left. As you can see below, I have the migrations tab selected and the nav is on the side panel.

2024-02-01 16_08_17-Flyway Desktop

The same three tabs are there, but now on the left, and what’s more, I can shrink this panel to a bar, which gives me more room in which to see code and work with my changes. The VCS tab is still on the right, with icons to let me know when I have changes to push, pull, or fetch.

2024-02-01 16_09_48-Project Llama Assistant Window


This might not seem like much, but it’s a nice visual change and it gives us the ability to add more features in tabs, without running out of room or squeezing things at the top. Over time, a few more pieces of functionality will appear here as we continue to expand the capabilities of the tool.

Try Flyway Desktop out today. If you haven’t worked with Flyway Desktop, download it today. There is a free version that organizes migrations and paid versions with many more features.

Video Walkthrough

I made a quick video showing this as well. You can watch it below, or check out all the Flyway videos I’ve added:

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