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Friday Flyway Tips–Dark Mode


I saw a post that Flyway Desktop has a dark mode and I had to try it out.

I’ve been working with Flyway Desktop for work more and more as we transition from older SSMS plugins to the standalone tool. This series looks at some tips I’ve gotten along the way.

Dark Mode

In general, I’m not a big dark mode person. I tend to use browsers in light mode, like this:

2024-02-07 15_17_17-SQLServerCentral – The #1 SQL Server community

I regularly work in VSCode, which is light for me.

2024-02-07 15_17_28-SQLSat1076.yml - sqlsatwebsite - Visual Studio Code

And of course, SSMS is light. I know lots of people have wanted a dark mode, and you can configure that, but it’s a mess. To me, I just like light mode.

2024-02-07 15_18_10-SQLQuery9.sql - ARISTOTLE.DMDemo_1_Dev (ARISTOTLE_Steve (55))_ - Microsoft SQL S

However, someone posted a note internally a Redgate thanking engineers for dark mode.

Wha??? I had to try it.

It looks interesting.

2024-02-07 15_20_57-Flyway Desktop

I don’t know if I’ll use it, but it’s easy to enable, and I can switch anytime. In the top bar, there are a number of icons. There’s a moon for one, which you see above and below, because I’m in dark mode.

2024-02-07 15_21_45-Flyway Desktop

If I click the left-most one above, I see this:

2024-02-07 15_22_05-Flyway Desktop

Now I have a sun, and a light mode.

2024-02-07 15_22_18-Flyway Desktop

This works on all tabs, on the VCS blade, and it gives you the option to work with either a white or dark background.

That’s pretty cool. I don’t care so much, but I know lots of people do, so they now get the option.

Try Flyway Enterprise out today. If you haven’t worked with Flyway Desktop, download it today. There is a free version that organizes migrations and paid versions with many more features.

Video Walkthrough

I made a quick video showing this as well. You can watch it below, or check out all the Flyway videos I’ve added:

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