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Friday Flyway Tips: Copying the Migration Number


It’s a small thing, but copying the migration number can be a pain. However, we’ve made this easier in Flyway 6.5.4.

I’ve been working with Flyway Desktop for work more and more as we transition from older SSMS plugins to the standalone tool. This series looks at some tips I’ve gotten along the way.

Lots of Migration Numbers.

I’ve got a lot of migrations in this project. You can see below in the image, noting the scroll bar goes up and down here.

2023-08-10 12_30_54-Flyway Desktop_thumb[1]

These are easy to read numbers, but some companies use dates and times. Like this:

2023-08-10 15_06_25-Flyway Desktop

Those are harder to read, but more importantly, easy to mis-type. If you were using flyway migrate or undo with a specific version, you don’t want to make a mistake.

We’ve made it easy in Flyway. We added a copy button, which you can see below. This is to the right of each migration. I missed this until a dev pointed it out.

2023-08-10 15_06_38-Zoomit Zoom Window

If I click this, the version is copied. I can paste it into the search, as shown here.

2023-08-10 15_06_57-Flyway Desktop

Or an email.

2023-08-10 15_07_18-Untitled - Message (HTML)

A small change, but a handy one. One way to make working with Flyway smoother and reduce mistakes. That’s a big part of DevOps, trying to reduce mistakes.

Of course, you have to click the right line. Winking smile

Try it out today. If you haven’t worked with Flyway Desktop, download it today. There is a free version that organizes migrations and paid versions with many more features.

Video Walkthrough

I made a quick video showing this as well. You can watch it below, or check out all the Flyway videos I’ve added:

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