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Hello all, I’ve been speaking to various people about EightKB and there does seem to be a misunderstanding out there about the topics of submissions that we are looking for.

This is entirely our fault…we have marketed ourselves as “The SQL Server internals conference” and people have taken that to mean that we only want submissions on database engine internals…which is 100% not the case.

So I thought it would be handy to list out the topics that we are looking for here.

This list is not exhaustive so please, if you think something is missing please do submit anyway! 🙂

Availability Groups (all types incl. distributed)
Backups & Restores
Basically any new feature in SQL 2022
Cloud Architecture
Engine internals
Failover Cluster Instances
In-Memory OLTP
Log Shipping
Managing very large databases
Memory internals
Performance tuning (OS and SQL Server)
Query tuning (APRC, Intelligent Query Processing, Query Store)
QuickAssist Technology
Resource Governor
S3 object access/polybase
SQL Auditing
SQL Server on Azure (SQL Database, Managed Instance, Arc Data Services)
SQL Waits
Scaling SQL Server
Stretch Databases (lol)

So if you have a deep understanding of one of these topics, please do consider submitting to our next event in May. The call for speakers is open until the 22nd of April: –

We are looking for experts in areas of SQL Server, not necessarily expert speakers. If you haven’t presented before we will be more than happy to guide you through submitting, preparing, and then presenting your session.

Your session can be 45, 60, or 75 minutes long. You can do as many demos as you’d like…or none at all!

You can answer questions during the session…or questions can be collected during the session and you can respond after the event.

We have no slide template for the event…you can use whatever you’d like for your slides. I personally hate powerpoint!

Finally, after the event we will give you an unbranded recording of your session for you to use however you’d like 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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