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EightKB is back!


We’re back!

The first EightKB back in July was a real blast. Five expert speakers delivered mind-melting content to over 1000 attendees!

We were honestly blown away by how successful the first event was and we had so much fun putting it on, we thought we’d do it again ??

The next EightKB is going to be on January 27th 2021 and the schedule has just been announced!

Once again we have five top-notch speakers delivering the highest quality sessions you can get! Expect a deep dive into the subject matter and demos, demos, demos!

Registration is open and it’s completely free! You can sign up for the next EightKB here

We also run a monthly podcast called Mixed Extents where experts from the industry join us to talk about different topics related to SQL Server. They’re all on YouTube or you can listen to the podcasts wherever you get your podcasts!

EightKB and Mixed Extents are 100% community driven with no sponsors…so, we’ve launched our own Mixed Extents t-shirts! Any money generated from these t-shirts will be put straight back into the events.

EightKB was setup by Anthony Nocentino (b|t), Mark Wilkinson (b|t), and myself as we wanted to put on an event that delved into the internals of SQL Server and we’re having great fun doing just that ??

Hope to see you there!

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