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Daily Denali Delight – Day 4


Code-named Denali – the next version of SQL Server is fast approaching.

And whenever CTP2 gets released you can be sure to expect some excellent new features.

Over the next week or so, I aim to delve into these delights, highlighting those to look out for.


Another new feature in Denali is FileTable – touted as “the next generation of FileStream”. 

What this allows you to do is copy files into specified folders on your server, and automatically store them in SQL Server. You can add, delete and modify them, using the full relational integrity that SQL Server possesses. 

Also normal maintenance tasks such as backups can be performed on these new type of files for continued ease of administration.  

The ability to run queries against NTFS file systems is a really powerful feature. I’ve also seen it mentioned in other blogs that this could negate the need to use Powershell too ??

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