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Creating an Empty Repo in GitHub–#SQLNewBlogger


I saw someone struggling with getting started with a Visual Studio project and Azure DevOps. They got a conflict, which I’ll show and then get you started with an empty repo.

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers.

The Problem with Initialized Repos

I wrote about this recently with Azure DevOps and empty repos.. If I initialize a repo in GitHub, or any online provider, and try to push up a local repo, it returns an error that I have conflicts.

I’ve learned that when I want to start a new project, either I create the repo locally and then make an empty one online, or I create it online, clone it, and then start working.

I try to do the second (create online first), but I don’t always remember.

Creating an Empty Repo

In GitHub, if you go to your repositories page, you can see a “New” button on the right.

2023-08-25 16_56_06-Your Repositories — Mozilla Firefox

Click this and enter a name, as I’ve done below. BTW, I love the suggested name.

2023-08-25 16_56_30-New repository — Mozilla Firefox

If you look at the image above, near the bottom, you can see my mouse pointer.

DO NOT check this box if you want an empty repo. Don’t add a .gitignore either. You’ll be adding code from your own project, which likely has a gitignore file and might have a repo. If not, just create a file in your local git repo.

Don’t add a license file either.

Pushing My Project

Now when you create this, you get the details of how to push your repository. If you have never used git, just open a command prompt and paste these lines in one by one and run them.

2023-08-25 17_00_57-way0utwest_myemtyrepotest — Mozilla Firefox

That’s it and now you can work and commit in either repo and deal with merges.


This post was easy for me, but I’ve been in the situation where I’ve made this mistake. In this case, I’d written the other post, so I knew what to do here. I spent another 10 minutes getting GitHub set, taking images, and writing this.

Easy to do, 2 posts from one idea, and showcasing knowledge on another platform. I could do another one with BitBucket or somewhere else, and maybe I will. I have customers that use other platforms.

Maybe you should do this and showcase your versatility to the next person that wants to interview you. If you want to work with software and Git, show them you know the basics. Or even more.

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