Come see SQLInspire NYC for FREE! and Take Visual Studio 2010 off Michael Coles’ shelf!


Game Changer!  Come see SQLInspire NYC for FREE AND take Visual Studio 2010 off Michael Coles’ shelf


I was recently on a SQLInspire NYC team call with Michael Coles, Andy Leonard, Brian Moran, Melissa Demsak and Matt Velic, discussing the event logistics, when we were talking about the amazing rate of registrations we’re getting for this extraordinary event. 

The call was going real well, until Mr. Coles said something that really irked me.  And no, it wasn’t about the fact that the Statue of Liberty is part of New York State (and always will beJ).  (See the interview that started that argument!)

We were talking about ways to spread the word on the event before registration closes.  And, he made me a bet.  Sergeant Mikey, aka Sergeant_SQL, bet me that I couldn’t even get 20 more registrations, even if I give them away for FREE!!  (There is a small $20.00 price of admission to cover the cost of Lunch, Snacks, etc.)  Oh, yeah?  He told me to “prove it!”

Well, I accepted this challenge, but I raised the stakes!  And, after a heated exchange of “Your Mother Wears Army Boots” didn’t work, (I forgot that he was in the military), I told him I will bet him that new shiny still-in-the-shrink-wrapped-box copy of Visual Studio 2010 Professional (worth $800.00 bucks), that he always brags about, if I can get 20 more SQL People to sign up in the next week!

Now, I get NOTHING out of this, except some SQLPeople satisfaction.  I’m even offering this 100% DISCOUNT CODE as a FREE GIFT to all of you on behalf of Pearl Knowledge Solutions!  As a SQL Community guy, the one who takes the Visual Studio software home won’t be me, but one of you lucky attendees out there!  That means, if I can get 20 more folks to register, we will raffle off Mr. Coles vaunted Visual 2010 Studio at the event! 

In front of all our SQLInspire Team witnesses, he agreed.  There was some hesitation, but now he’s committed.  He says, “Go ahead, no-one will ever bite, and I’ll be keeping this software beauty right where she belongs, on my shelf!!”  And then he had to add insult to injury, and say “No-one even reads your blog anyway!”  Now that hurt!! L

Let’s show Mr. Coles who’s right!  Who wants to make a grown soldier cry by taking away his prized possession?  Remember, he’s a SQL\SSIS\XML developer, so let’s give it away to someone needier?   

Why should he have all these wonderful toys anyway!  It was back at SQLSaturday#59 NYC, when he won the iPad.  Yeah, I remember that!  I was right there!  He was a presenter then, so how could speakers be able to take something away from all those attendees!  Now, let’s take back something from him!  Are y’all with me? 

Andy thought this a great idea, and offered me up a LIMITED ONE-TIME ONLY CODE, for the NEXT 20 folks to sign-up for FREE!  That’s right, come for FREE to meet in-person and be inspired by:

·         Steve Jones -             blog|twitter

·         Thomas LaRock -       blog|twitter

·         Michael Coles -           blog|twitter

·         Andrew Brust -            blog|twitter

·         Michael Corey-           blog|twitter             

·         Brian Moran -              blog|twitter

·         Robert Pearl (me 🙂 - blog|twitter

Wow!  That's a lot of inspiration packed into a single day.  Not to mention, come say hello to Mr. Andy Leonard, Matt Velic and Melissa Demsak. 

So, here’s the deal!  Sign-up and register with the following SPECIAL FREE CODE.

*********Apply Special FREE SQLInspire NYC 100% Discount Code Now! *******

When you’re at the site, click on ‘Enter Discount Code’ with the following code:  NSE90RGD7TZ **


And, please, assuming I have 20 friends out there, I’m NOT kidding – this special offer is ONLY for the NEXT 20 PEOPLE out there to register.  So, do I have 20 friends out there or what?  Please :-D?  Do it for the children! (Well at least I didn’t say we’d club a baby seal ;P)

This event is truly unique, and features so many of your favorite SQL MVPs and experts!  SQLPeople is about community!  It is not a technical training event, but a motivational seminar in the mold of the famous TED talks, and are sure to prove invaluable beyond comparison!  Take control of your future, and don't let it control you!  These folks have so much to offer, and they understand exactly where you're coming from.  They know, they've been there.  We all wish we had someone to guide us in this uncertain economy, and technological universe - now here they are together, to speak to you!  You've read their SQLPeople profiles, now come hear them speak in person!  Will you be inspired?

Remember, this special offer will NOT last!  Come be inspired, and take that Visual Studio Software with you!  Hurry, there are 49 days left to the event!  

Come on Sarge!  -  I will not take being called Bobby-Tables lightly!!  Say bye-bye to your precious VS 2010 - right SQLCommunity? "Hello, anybody there?"

 ** The above coupon discount code is ONLY redeemable via this exclusive web-only offer.