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Charting in Azure Data Studio


The March 2020 release of Azure Data Studio (ADS) includes a charting feature for SQL queries. This is a quick look at the feature, which I think will have some value for users.

SQL Queries

This has been available with SQL queries, but now it’s in notebooks as well.  If I run a basic query in ADS, I see something like this:

2020-03-23 12_52_07-Window

I have a query and some results. These are numerical results that are easily graphed. However, in the results area, to the right, there are a few icons. I’ve added and arrow and oval in the image below to help you see them.

2020-03-23 12_54_14-Window

We have lots of options here for exporting results or visuals., The 5th one down is a chart icon. If I click that, I see this:

2020-03-23 12_57_04-Window

By default, a bar chart, but as you see on the right, there are lots of options. I’ll write more as I play with them a bit and get another ADS article at SQLServerCentral.


The charting experience comes to notebooks in a similar way. I can create a notebook and add a SQL cell. In there I have code and run it.

2020-03-23 13_02_03-Window

You can see the same icons here above the results. If I click the far right one (the chart), it changes to a chart.

2020-03-23 13_02_40-Window

If I save the notebook like this and reopen it, the chart is gone. The results are still there, as these are saved with the notebook, but the visual display is gone. I think this is fine, because the chart icon is there, but I wish the state was saved as I’d saved it.

One note, once the chart appears, notice the right icon is now a table icon. Clicking it returns to the original view.

This is a quick look at charting in ADS. I’ll do something more extensive at SSC soon.

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