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Branding Yourself for a Dream Job – Houston SQL Server User Group


I delivered a presentation for the Houston SQL Server User Group tonight, virtually from Colorado. I’d love to go down, but couldn’t do it today.

The slides for the talk are here: BrandingDreamJob.pptx

I had fun and thanks to the Houston group and Paresh for having me.

A few interesting questions:

Should you use your real name on Slack (or Twitter/etc.)

There is no right or wrong answer here. For me, I want to tie together my efforts, so if I help people on Twitter, I want to link my resume/profile to my Twitter account. It’s why I keep way0utwest and try to get that on new platforms. My profile says “Steve Jones”.

You can do what you want.

What about using ChatGPT to write blogs?

A great comment here from Paresh. I think this is a good way to get started and maybe sketch out a post. I would recommend this, though I think this needs to grow and improve.


You don’t know if ChatGPT synthesized sentences and paragraphs from other information, which is what we all do. You also don’t know if it copied paragraphs verbatim from somewhere.

My advice if you use this is plan on editing the result and making it your own.

How do we network virtually?

I’ve networked and built friendships online for years. In the SQL Server Central forums and similar places. Sometimes real time chat, sometimes asynchronous posts. However it works.

If you can get to know people with messaging or posts on a platform, that’s great. If you come to a virtual group meeting, or even a company meeting, early, you can spend a few minutes in chat or live chatting with them. Ask a question, share something, solicit an opinion, or comment on something.

In busy chats, or even aloud, you might @ someone or address them. In chat, @Steve, that was an interesting comment. Aloud, “Steve, have you ever used automatic seeing in an AG?”


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