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Back with new focus


Back with a new focus


First let me say wow can’t believe that it has been almost 3 years since I have blogged.

The last few years my career have been focused on transitioning from being a pure hands on technologist to management and leadership roles. This transition has had its ups and downs with making many mistakes along the way. Those mistakes, however, have been what has opened doors and lead to great success. One of the most important lessons I learned along this journey is don’t be afraid to admit and share your mistakes with others. In sharing and asking for advice you will quickly find out that you’re not the first one to make these mistakes and there is a world of advice out there to help you along the way.

So why after three years to I pick up the proverbial pen again? First is a conversation I had with Erik Darling (@ErikDarlingData), , recently where I said I have all these blog posts sitting in draft that I just haven’t finished. His response was “Who cares just post them it’s just a blog”. I laughed and then thought wow he’s right it is just a blog and perfection is not required.

Second, I’ve started mentoring a few different people and one of the topics we have been discussing is self-marketing. This led me to realize that I should lead by example to show the power of enlightenment and engagement with your peers.

So stay tuned for my new series on Leadership: Lessons learned.


Leadership Part 1: Team building

Leadership Part 2: Talent acquisition and Employee Retention

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