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Azure Purview is generally available


After a very long public preview (9 months), Azure Purview is finally generally available (GA). I described Purview in a previous blog (New Microsoft data governance product: Azure Purview). In short, Purview’s main purpose is to collect metadata from various sources and provide a search feature over that metadata so you can quickly find relevant data. It can automatically classify the data (i.e. SSN) and provide data lineage, as well allowing you to enter glossary terms. It then provides insights into the data:

(Note: The below info, including slides, were talked about during the GA announcement that can be found here).

There are over 200 built-in classifiers and support for 35 data sources and growing (in public preview is Google Cloud, Erwin, salesforce, IBM DB2, Cassandra, and coming soon is snowflake, PostgreSQL, mongoDB, SAP HANA, and MySQL). Automated lineage extraction now supports ADF, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Share, Teradata stored procedures, and Power BI.

The roadmap was shared and I was excited to see that data sharing, data quality, and data policy will be added:

Note there are a few items related to data insights that are still in public preview:

Azure Purview has a limited-time free offer that includes free scanning of on-premises SQL Servers and Power BI tenants, and free data sensitivity labeling for all existing Microsoft 365 E5 customers. Get started here.

More info:

Azure Purview data governance service heads to GA

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