Wesley Brown

Wes use to be a pretty good DBA now he is in management.
  • Interests: Collecting old computers
  • Skills: I talk a lot.

Technical Article

Get all user information at the database level

This is based on Clint Herring's work and was better than what I was using ;). It has one user definded variable @path that is where to store the files generated. It will make one file per database and one master file to restore all user permissions into that database. Used mostly for DR and […]

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2005-03-30 (first published: )

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Technical Article

yet another backup script using litespeed or native backup

Updated! Now supports both SQL Litespeed and native backup commands in one script! Several new bug fixes please see the header of the script. Error messages to add are now at the bottom of the script! This stored procedure will backup a single database or all databases it will also perform ether a full, diff, […]

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2004-10-26 (first published: )

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Technical Article

Yet another restore script usp_restore

usp_restore - This will restore a backup performed with SQL LiteSpeed from DBAssocatesIT or by the standard backup database routines in SQL Server Please check below the declarations to find the user settable options for this script If the target database is currently in a loading status or cannot be read from this restore it […]

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2004-10-25 (first published: )

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Technical Article

yet another backup script usp_backup

I wrote this to backup to a network share you can set the backup to spool to the local disk first then it will move it to another drive or to a unc just fine. Directory to hold and move to are not optional but if you set them to the same path it won't […]

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2004-09-06 (first published: )

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Technical Article

alert on blocking chains via email

This is a script I use to watch for blocking chains on a server there are four variables to be set. @Duration tells it how long to run. This will be an active thread for the duration. @IntervalSec how often to poll for blocking. @maxwaittime time in miliseconds a thread that is blocked that you […]

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2004-09-01 (first published: )

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Technical Article

Backup Transaction Logs on all Databases

Here we go again. This is the last in my backup series that I use to do backups of the databases. As far as I know this should only kick out errors when there really is one. This stored procedure is designed to take 4 parameters @bksrv : This is the name or the IP […]

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