Sheldon Hull


How Do You Make DevOps Succceed?


I love going to SQLSaturday events because I’m always asked questions that make me...

Profiler and Trace vs. Extended Events


It’s a running joke among the more experienced (read, older) Microsoft Data Platform specialists...

A simple Machine Learning process example (supervised) – just to start with


I have just written the fifth article of the Machine Learning topic. !!! This...

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CAST FOR XML - Illegal Name Character

By jamie_collins

I am trying to write a query that generates an html report to be...

Get the inactive records in sqlserver

By kbhanu15

HI Team, please help to get the expected data. my Data like below: create...

Revert a database to a DB Snapshot

By Chimney

We are a product based company and using SQL Server as backend. Whenever there...

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