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My home office setup


That aging hippie (he likes Apple products and has a goatee) known as Brent...

Changing the owner of a schema removes all direct permissions of objects owned by the schema.


This is one of those things that probably doesn’t happen all that often, but...

In Memory Table Indexes


Now that I have written about In-Memory Tables and Migrating to In-Memory tables, let’s...

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SQL Server Case statement conditions

By mattdarvellwow

Good afternoon, I am currently working on a data flow and have been given...

Weird CAST/TRY_CAST Behaviour

By Chris Wooding

I have a fact table with two numeric columns defined as DECIMAL(28, 12) and...

Locks and deadlocks

By Admingod

New DB will be created. Will store DocID, DocType,JSON, Path and datetime in a...

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