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Who needs data access? Not You!


With a little planning and care, we can find various ways to fulfill user...

Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI performance


With two new relational database features (Result-set caching and Materialized Views) just GA’d in...

Session Evaluations from “SQL Server Security from the Ground Up”


I was recently given the opportunity to speak at Pass Summit. As always (this...

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Any redundancy on SSIS Worker Server

By samalex

I'm loving the idea of the SSIS Scale Out option in SQL 2017 and...

Reset Sequences

By nrdroque

hi, what are the best procedure to automate the  reset of a sequence every ...

Need help on Dynamic Column

By Adelia

I've table and data as following, CREATE TABLE [dbo].[simulateTable]( [UniqueId] [int] NOT NULL, [AKT]...

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