Script to determine backup finish times

SQL Server provides the RESTORE HEADERONLY command which helps users determine backup completion times.  What if you have the need to use this completion time for comparison, perhaps to set up a job that only restores the file if it is xx hours old.  This script can be used to determine the maximum backup finish […]


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Dependencies on a specific table column

SQL Server provides a built-in stored procedure, sp_depends, that returns object dependencies.  Recently, I discovered a need for determining dependencies on a table column, not just the table itself.  For example, a table may be referenced by many stored procedures and views, but a specific column in that table may only be referenced in a […]

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Nerd Journey Podcast with Nick Korte


I’m thrilled to have recently recorded a podcast with Nick Korte from Nerd Journey....

Daily Coping 18 May 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Creating a configurable SSMS script


Several times over the last few weeks I’ve gotten a request to create a...

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SELECT DISTINCT but only on two columns...

By stephen.aa

Hello: I have the following query... SELECT JobOperations.jmoJobID AS JobNo, JobAssemblies.jmaPartID AS PartID, JobAssemblies.jmaPartShortDescription...

How to execute multiple 'INSERT INTO' statements without crashing SSMS?

By seleneplatt

I need to execute multiple 'INSERT INTO' statements to replicate records in a table...

SQL Server on Linux over Docker connecting through MS ODBC

By N_Muller

I'm trying to connect SQL Server installed on a Linux server through Docker from...

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